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Seven Mile Beach: Views along the Tangarra Trail

Tuesday 31st May

Views along the Tangarra Trail

Tuesday 31st May

Views along the Tangarra Trail

Tuesday 31st May

Last ride day 31

Tuesday 31st May
The last ride on the mountain bike Along the Tangarra Trail from Lauderdale to Seven Mile Beach (home)

Day 31 mountain bike ride

Tuesday 31st May
Second last activity. A mountain bike ride along the Tangarra Trail from Seven Mile Beach (home) to Lauderdale.

Day 27 Mooloolaba run

Friday 27th May

Day 26 Mooloolaba run

Thursday 26th May

Day 25 Darwin run

Wednesday 25th May

Day 24 run in Darwin

Tuesday 24th May

Day 23 Darwin run

Monday 23rd May

Day 22 run in Darwin

Sunday 22nd May
Very hot in Darwin…. Very cold I in Tassie.

Day 16…run

Monday 16th May
Same boring pic, I know but it’s another 5k 😊 Leaving the Sunny Coast today and heading home to Tas tomorrow. O yay

Day 15 run

Sunday 15th May
Back running on the promenade

Day 15 run

Sunday 15th May
The foam is gone (some of the beach too), the rain has stopped…running back on the promenade again.

Day 14 run

Saturday 14th May
Half way through- 50k as of today. Yay 😀

Day 13 run

Friday 13th May
It’s still raining in the Sunny Coast

Day 12 run treadmill

Thursday 12th May

Day 11 run

Wednesday 11th May
Has been pouring in Mooloolaba the last few days and haven’t been running, then I discovered…. The treadmill! So no Strava pic today. I should have taken one in the treadmill. I’ll do that tomorrow.

Day 7 run

Saturday 7th May
The end of the first week and I’ve completed 30 km. That’s almost one third of the target distance, but as I said I’ll keep going after i reach the target to see what I can get to. 😊

Day 5 run

Thursday 5th May

Day 4 run

Wednesday 4th May

Day 3 run

Tuesday 3rd May

Day 2 run

Monday 2nd May

First run

Sunday 1st May
The route along the promenade at Mooloolaba

Day 1

Sunday 1st May
The first 5 km run complete and then a quick swim before work.

Day 1

Sunday 1st May
Day 1 
Thank you again to everyone for your support in the NT Challenge. 
I’m in Mooloolaba for the next two weeks so all my runs will be on the promenade along the beach. I’ve included a pic of the beach and me as “proof of life” 😊

Support my personal Challenge to get fitter and also help CareFlight to continue to Save Lives

Tuesday 26th Apr
My challenge to myself is to Run, Cycle and Swim through the month of May to reach a total distance of 100km. My runs will be a minimum of 5km and each swim will be a minimum of 1km. When I reach the 100km goal…..I’ll just keep going to see how far I can go.

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