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My target 60 kms

Support my mission to help CareFlight save lives.

I challenged myself to complete my chosen activity to get moving and feel good through the month of May. 

Every minute/kilometre completed and dollar raised is helping CareFlight continue to save lives across the Top End.

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My Updates


Wednesday 1st Jun
 We went above and beyond expectations!! Thank Weyou to everyone who supported me in fundraising for Careflight. 80km walked and $556.00 contributed! LThe Careflight team is lovely, they were kind, helpful and fun to work with. Thank you all! 

We CAN go above and beyond.

Thursday 26th May
I have the last 5 days off after double shifts today. I can give 2hrs a day to walking. Who will donate  to ensure CAREFLIGHT can purchase vital equipment.  I'll do the walk, your support will be appreciated. Xx mmwwaa hug. 

Big walk

Saturday 21st May
Out to  Darwin Museum, into town, through Botanicle gardens,, to vote, up to city centre, back home. Base in The Grass Bands are rocking the shoreline of Mindil. Young ones on scooters everywhere, great to see them having fun, enjoying the city and parklands. 


Friday 20th May
Just 1km to walk to finish the 60km In 30 days Challenge!  It's been tough on my feet and to find the time to walk, but a pleasure to help Careflight. 
NOW to go above and beyond, I need new sponsors to go above what we have already raised. 
 I'll walk the extra! 

Mornings are best..

Tuesday 17th May
Its cooler, fresher and pretty as the sun hits the buildings. 
A bonus was taking a photo for some tourists out on the viewspot. They were thrilled to be in Dar w in and lovining the lifestyle. Smiles all round. 

Super tired!

Monday 16th May
Bit dissapointed, I really wanted to do another 6 this morning but didnt wake at usual 5.30 :( Chillaxed more, had a double decker ride, nice lunch at the wharf and walked late afternoon. 

Discovering more!

Saturday 14th May
Bit of sunburn, a little shoe chafe but I'm really happy with results, 
14 km walked today! The return from millitary museum was much slower, it was midday heat so stopped at the  Darwin museum for aircon lunch and a tour for an hour. I set off again at 3.45, slow wander home. 

Playing tourist.

Saturday 14th May
Walk from Smith st along escarpment to Fanny Bay, then to Lee Point, morning tea at Millitary museum. Mmm now walk back?  Mmm

Botanical Gardens

Wednesday 11th May
The council gardener doing the verge near footy oval so thoughtful, he stopped his blades to let me continue  past. Took me a bit longer this morn, I just had to go further into the gardend and see flowers and breath fresh tree air. 

Wharf walk

Tuesday 10th May
23 degrees at 6.30am, walked extra long way taking in the Esplanade park walks, Huge staircase to Deckchare, waterfront and out to the end. On return I kept promising myself coffee but got home without. Double shift today, better get moving. 

Walk Dance.

Monday 9th May
My niece challenged me to a "dance off". She said shes 8 and could dance better and longer because she was younger. Well, I think she'll loose concentration and wander off. She said she'd bring friends! 😤 So..its ON! Last Saterday in May! This could develop into more money for Careflight. 

Mary River

Sunday 8th May
Walk was slower than usual this morning, I kept stoppin to look at sunrise, animals and the scene.😄 
BDozend different birds are making a cacophony of  morning song. 
I'm at the Wlderness retreat,  theres safe walking roads, paths open close to resort, the ones by the swollen rivers are still closed for safety from BEING a breakfast for croc.  ☺️

Cullen Bay

Saturday 7th May
Stunning morning, very pink sky, beautiful breeze.  Walk downhill with tail wind was quick. The return up hill with a headwind had me breathing hard. 

Botanical gardens Walk

Wednesday 4th May
Red sky this morning, walked to Cullen Bay roundabout, down past Mendil Beach, along Botanical gardens then up to Smith Street. I have double shift again today so thought best get home do meal prep. Looks like we might get a bit of rain. Whoo hoo!

Waterfront walk

Tuesday 3rd May
27degrees, light breeze, didnt walk fast enjoyed the morning quiet. Its exactly 3km to the beginning of the jetty, my new drink station. :)  Hoped everyone had a safe weekend but if not Careflight was there to help. Walking really helps to focus on whats important, our health. 

Its only the begining!

Monday 2nd May
What a great way to start May. Careflight Challenge has launched! My goal is set, and started. No less than 15km a week will hit the target. Its still hot up here, dry season but cooler days are scheduled. Early morning and evening walks is the way to go. As I get used to teck on my long walks, i will post pics as I go. Mwwaa have a safe happy day. X

Stepping Out.

Friday 22nd Apr
Careflights have gone overhead everywhere I live. Each time I send up a prayer of healing for patient, rest for atendees and of gratiude if I should ever need emergency help. 
People of city and country need the service more than ever, I can do my bit. Maybe some of you will join up or support me!  Perhaps challenge me and do it also. I'm up for it...are you? Xxx
My goal is to walk at 8km a week, every week of May.  
In preparation I have set aside time to walk.  

Thank you to my Sponsors


Fran Mallon

Hi Kayeleigh, a very worthwhile charity, and a worthwhile challenge to an amazing lady who gives everything she does in life her uttermost best. GO GIRL! :) Love and hugs. xx


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Great idea, great cause!


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