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I'm on a mission to help CareFlight save lives.

This July I am taking part in The CareFlight Challenge. 

Supporting CareFlight will help them to continue to reach more sick and injured Australians.

Every day, CareFlight is there for the Australian community. Ready to take on the next emergency mission with their high standard of rapid response critical care.

If you can, please make a donation to my Mission and become a CareFlight hero too.

The next life CareFlight saves could be yours or someone you know!

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Tuesday 14th Jul
Working from home has meant I am not as active as when I was working in the office. 

I don't have to walk from the car park to the office. I don't have my team mates to come with me and motivate me to go out during the day. 

And I'm not walking around the office so I can talk to my colleagues. 

2 days of 2km walkies and I can already feel the difference and my afternoon work is much more productive! 

How has COVID-19 changed the way you work and your excerise habits? 

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Justin Smith


Duyen Nguyen

Amazing mission, Esther! Thank you for being CareFlight's greatest champion!


Kathy Waters

you're awesome Ess!


Emily Foster

Great work Ess x


Esther Cooper