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My target 25 kms

Support my mission to help CareFlight save lives.

This July I am taking part The CareFlight Challenge to support CareFlight, helping them to continue to reach more sick and injured Australians.

Every day, CareFlight is there for the Australian community. Ready to take on the next emergency mission with their high standard of rapid response critical care.

Please make a donation to my Mission and become a CareFlight hero too.

The next life CareFlight saves could be yours or someone you know!

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6km in!

Sunday 28th Jun
I’ve started my 25km walking goal for this challenge! Please consider donating, whether it is to me or someone else in the challenge. Careflight is such an important part of the health system, able to get to patients quickly and in rural areas in order to ensure people in desperate need of emergency help are able to receive care in time 
Part of their history includes their first patients Andrew Withers, 14, and his sister Heidi, who Careflight attended to following a car crash. They were flown from Lithgow to Westmead and both made a full recovery.
These are just two of the patients Careflight has been able to save in their 34 years of service
This is a cause very close to my heart, every $1 counts. ❤️

3KM down!

Saturday 27th Jun
First 3KM down of 25! Walked to get my morning coffee today instead of driving!

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