The Challenge

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Race Rules

Due to the virtual nature of The CareFlight Challenge all rules will be applied using an honesty system. CareFlight reserves the rights to apply these rules and disqualify a participant if sufficient evidence is received to display that the race rules have been broken.

General Rules

  • Minimum age of completion is 12 years.
  • Competitors can choose when and where they wish to complete their 25km race
  • Competitors must complete the race between 12:00am 4 July up until the close of the event at 11:59pm, 31 July 2020.
  • Competitors must comply with all road rules and laws of their state/territory.
  • Competitors must be registered for the race category. No participants registered for a challenge will be eligible for placing.
  • Competitors must register for the correct category of race. If you believe you have registered for the incorrect category please email
  • Registrants may transfer to the race category by emailing and paying the $75 registration fee
  • Race registration is non-transferable between individuals.
  • There are no refunds offered to race participants once sign up is completed.
  • CareFlight reserves the rights to revoke any registrations for any reason in its sole discretion with refund of registration fees being the sole remedy of any such refusals and/or revocation.
  • Entering The CareFlight Challenge is at your own risk. CareFlight holds no responsibility for any accidents or injuries that may occur whilst completing the challenge.

Bike rules

  • All participants must wear a bike helmet that meets Australian Standards at the time of riding and racing.
  • All bicycles ride should comply with UCI bicycle regulations.
  • The use of motorised or electric bikes is not permitted. Anyone believed to have recorded a time using this will be disqualified. This will be at the discretion of the CareFlight events team.

Timing rules

  • The race section of The CareFlight Challenge will be measured manually. Participants will be required to manually upload their time along with photo proof to their fundraising dashboard.
  • Proof can include a photo of a fitness device. This photo must show both the distance and the time taken.
  • All timings will be recorded using hours, minutes and seconds. Milliseconds will not be recorded or taken into account.
  • In the case of two riders recording the same time a tied placing will be awarded.
  • Race timings need to be submitted to exactly the 25km mark. If your distance is recorded any further the timing for this distance will be the time recorded.
  • Timing for the race must be completed in one session.
  • Only times with the whole 25km completed will be eligible to place. The race can not be broken up into smaller rides totalling a 25km ride.
  • The race is to be completed as an individual. You may not share the distance with another.
  • The race can only be attempted once. The first time recorded will be the time which is placed into contention to place.

Placing and participation

  • All race competitors will all receive a medal in the mail upon completion of the event (within four to six weeks). Postage and handling is included in registration fee.
  • Placings will be awarded to the first three highest times in each category.
  • All place recipients will receive acknowledgement of their place, in the form of an award.
  • Medals will be sent out to the physical address which participants provide during the event registration process.