The Challenge

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How will you become a CareFlight Hero?

Will you Challenge yourself to complete a distance throughout July? Or race your way to become a Hero?

The CareFlight Challenge is a virtual fitness and fundraising challenge that has something for everyone.

Challenge yourself to become a hero.

Commit to completing a distance based mission throughout the month of July. It’s your mission. Your pace. Your way. Your time. Whereever you live, no matter your fitness level you can walk | run | ride your way to becoming a CareFlight Hero.

You can take on your mission individually. Or, with your friends, family and colleagues by creating a mission crew.

Registrations are FREE sign up today!


You can race your way to become a hero -

by registering to take place in our first ever virtual Woodford to Glenbrook Classic, 25km cycling race. You can complete the race in your own time, on your own course, any day throughout July 2020.

You can check out the race rules here.

All you need to do is register, link your fitness device, and you're off.

A race leader board will be available daily. Registrations are $75, with all race participants receiving a medal.

Why should I get involved?

Your participation in the CareFlight Challenge is raising vital funds to keep CareFlight attending to critically injured and ill patients where a life may be hanging in the balance. Your support helps CareFlight to be there for the community and individuals in the moments when it is needed the most.

You’re also helping to fund cutting-edge training for both medical professionals and volunteer emergency service workers. Allowing CareFlight to upskill communities around Australia to make the difference when it really is a matter of life or death.

CareFlight understands that every second can make a difference between life and death and we are dedicated to saving lives, training others and giving them the tools to save as many lives as possible. And, by taking part in the CareFlight Challenge you are helping to achieve that.

How it works

Choose your mission

Sign Up and Choose your CareFlight mission

Activate and Launch

Share your mission and raise vital funds to support CareFlight

Take off!

Track you distance challenge yourself and others to become a Hero this July.


5km Mission

Complete 5km throughout July

FREE Entry

25km Mission

Complete 25km throughout July

FREE Entry

150km Mission

Complete 150km throughout July

FREE Entry

25km TIMED Mission

The Woodford to Glenbrook Classic

$75 Entry

Connect your fitness device

Link your fitness device to your fundraising page

Step 1.

Download the Fitbit, Strava or MapMyFitness app onto your device and set up an account.

Step 2.

Log into your CareFlight Challenge account and select “Log my fitness activity”

Step 3.

Choose your preferred app.

Step 4.

Make sure to start and end your session on your preferred app for it to communicate with CareFlight.

Become a CareFlight Hero

Are you ready to become a CareFlight Hero? Choose your mission and launch!

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